Multinuclear array coils

For applications in the chest, abdomen and leg.

Model MNA2, MNA4 or MNA8: multinuclear array coils for imaging or spectroscopy in the chest, abdomen and leg.

PulseTeq multinuclear array coils for hyperpolarised MRI, sodium or fluorine MRI or for spectroscopy applications.

Models MNA4 and MNA8: large field of view arrays

  • Each coil consists of either a single array or two arrays.
  • With two arrays, one array is placed either side of the chest or abdomen
  • Each array includes separate transmit and receive coils
  • Applications include the lungs, heart, kidney or other regions within the abdomen

Model MNA2: localised array coil for heart, liver or thigh

  • Coil shaped to fit the thigh and liver as well as for the heart.
  • Array coverage and element diameter optimum for target field of view and depthdepth and field of view and
  • Transmit operates as quadrature coil
  • Dual receiver elements

All three models are available: for xenon, carbon, sodium or fluorine on 3.0 T MR systems from all system manufacturers: Philips (Achieva and Ingenia), Siemens (Trio, Verio, Skyra, Prisma and Vida) and GE (HDx and MR750)

Coil files available for all the latest software releases

dual-tuned-coil-for-liver or thigh

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