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405, 2022

PulseTeq booth at ISMRM 2022

We would like to invite you visit the PulseTeq booth at ISMRM in London to see our wide range of RF coils for multinuclear research on both whole body scanners and on preclinical systems including [...]

3107, 2020

ISMRM 2020

PulseTeq’s virtual exhibit at this years ISMRM is now live. We will be adding further information over the course of the meeting. The virtual exhibit gives links to our latest news, our products and presents [...]

2108, 2019


Pulseteq is seeking additional staff for the following posts: 1) Project manager: engineer with medical devices experience – background in RF antennas and electronics, electro-mechanical engineering or in development of magnetic resonance systems. 2) RF [...]

2002, 2017

PulseTeq 2017

PulseTeq is pleased to announce that we have taken new offices allowing expansion of our operations. The new office is at the same location and consequently, all our contact details remain the same. In 2017, [...]

2509, 2016

PulseTeq booth at ESMRMB 2016 Congress in Vienna

We would like to extend an invitation to you to meet us on our booth at the ESMRMB Congress in Vienna - booth number 16.  We will be showing our latest RF coils along with results from our customer [...]

2204, 2016

PulseTeq booth at ISMRM in Singapore

We would like to extend an invitation to you to meet us on our booth at ISMRM in Singapore - booth number 306.  We will be showing our latest RF coils along with results from our [...]

1210, 2015

Our new website has launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Pulse Teq website. Our new website has modern look and feel as well as an improved navigation, this will allow you to find the content more easily and more quickly.

812, 2014

19F / 1H pre-clinical MR imaging coils

PulseTeq offers a wide range of RF coils with integrated animal handling for 1H and X-nuclei applications. This now includes our new dual tuned 19F/1H coils for either mouse or rat studies using MR imaging of [...]

610, 2014

Conferences and Courses on MRI and MRS

ESMRMB are holding a course on multinuclear MR Imaging and Sperctroscopy titled “In vivo MRI and MRS with X-nuclei” on November 25 – 26, 2014 at University Medical Center, Freiburg, Germany. See conference link.

103, 2014

PulseTeq is at ISMRM 2014

PulseTeq is back at ISMRM this May for the first time since becoming an independent company again. We would like to invite you to visit out booth, number 110, at this year’s meeting in Milan. [...]

1303, 2013

PulseTeq at ISMRM 2013

At ISMRM 2013: PulseTeq’s products will be featured on the booth of Tesla Engineering, booth number 354. We will be pleased to see you to discuss any requirements you have for new RF coils covering [...]


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