This coil consists of a “jacket” design in which the two sides of the coil wrap around the chest and back. Cut outs for the arms are included to allow the coil to be placed over the lungs.

The 4 transmit-receive elements operate as a quadrature coil optimised for both the RF field coverage and the xenon signal to noise ratio.

The coil is enclosed within a flexible foam casing and outer cleanable fabric cover.

Available as single or dual arrays.

With two arrays, one array is placed either side of the chest or abdomen.

Example applications: lungs, heart, kidney.

X-nuclei: xenon, carbon, sodium, fluorine, phosphorous and deuterium.

Localised body coils giving targeted MR Imaging or spectroscopy in the chest and abdomen

  • Dual element 20 cm diameter coils placed above and below the body,
  • Nuclei: 31P, 19F, 23Na, 13C, 3He, 7Li, 129Xe, 2H
  • Designed to contour to different body shapes to maximise sensitivity

Array coverage and element diameter optimum for target field of view and depth field of view.

Transmit operates as quadrature coil.

Dual receiver elements.

X-nuclei: xenon, carbon, sodium, fluorine.

Compatible with the system body coil for 1H imaging.

  • Available for 3.0 T MR systems for all manufacturers:
    • Philips (Achieva, Ingenia), Siemens (Trio, Verio, Skyra, Prisma, Vida) and GE (HDx, MR750, Premier).
  • All of our RF coils can be provided with bespoke multinuclear phantoms. These provide:
    • Tissue equivalent body loading, reference sample containers, and are designed for use in QA, coil calibration and spectral optimisation.
  • Coil files are available for all the latest software releases.