Custom RF coils

Multi-element 1H or multinuclear designs

Offering customised multi-element 1H or multinuclear array coils:

  • The company has extensive experience in multi-element array coil design including with the use of the company’s own low impedance, low noise preamplifier
  • PulseTeq works with its customers to provide novel designs that are focused on ease-of-use and ergonomic design while ensuring excellent image quality.
  • Example coils developed for customers include:
    • Multi-element coils for functional MRI and for intraoperative MRI
    • Ten-element array coil for the carotid
    • Xenon / 1H array coil for Paramed system
    • 31P surface coil for cardiac studies

Customised multi-element head coil with integrated ear defenders

Ten-element carotid coil

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