Dual tuned surface coils

For the leg and for applications in the torso such as the liver and heart

Model MN7R or MN12R: dual tuned surface coils. High sensitivity 7 or 12 cm surface coil for 13C, 31P, or 23Na spectroscopy with quadrature 1H coil for imaging and spectral decoupling.

  • X-nucleus: 7 or 12 cm linear coil
  • Quadrature 1H coil pair
  • Optimised for decoupled spectroscopy
  • Designed for minimised SAR
  • 1H imaging and spectroscopy
  • Robust rigid design, no manual tuning required
  • Integrated interchangeable reference sample
  • External alignment indicator
  • Available for 3.0 T MR systems from all system manufacturers: Philips (Achieva and Ingenia), Siemens (Trio, Verio, Skyra, Prisma and Vida) and GE (HDx and MR750)
dual-tuned-coil-for-liver or thigh

The 7 cm coil can be used on the

  • thigh
  • calf muscle
  • brain: occipital lobe

Applications for the 12 cm coil include

  • thigh
  • Liver
  • heart

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