PulseTeq is pleased to announce the introduction of our 27 cm aperture quadrature head coil for multinuclear imaging and spectroscopy research on 3.0 T MR systems. This is available for a range of nuclei including 13C, 31P and 23Na. It is supplied as either single frequency or dual tuned with a 1H channel for imaging and decoupling.

The new coil is shown in the two central photographs above (on a Siemens Verio 3.0T system). The top section can be removed as shown to the right hand photo. The subject can place their head easily onto the foam head rest and the operator has good access to ensure effective head stabilization and to assist the subject with the placement of headphones.

The coil is available for Philips, Siemens and GE systems. Please contact PulseTeq for further information— email: sales@pulseteq.com