PulseTeq is at the ISMRM & ISMRT 2023 Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Toronto! Visit us at booth J12 to discuss our wide range of RF coils for multinuclear research on both whole body scanners and on preclinical systems, including our new coil designs:

  • Lung coil for hyperpolarised xenon imaging
  • Multi-element coils for localised imaging of the heart, kidneys, liver or abdomen, available for hyperpolarised 13C, for sodium, fluorine or deuterium.
  • Dual-tuned preclinical coils: Surface coils for the rat and mouse: particularly for the head, liver and heart and new quadrature volume coils
  • Our new X-nuclei quadrature combiner for the Bruker Avance IIIHD systems

These are in addition to our range of single and dual-tuned surface coils and our dual-tuned head coil.

We look forward to seeing you at our booth to discuss your research requirements! Alternatively, if you are not attending this year’s ISMRM and would like to discuss our coils, please contact Chris Randell at chris.randell@pulseteq.com or call on +44 7949 924148.