PulseTeq offers a wide range of RF coils with integrated animal handling for 1H and X-nuclei applications. This now includes our new dual tuned 19F/1H coils for either mouse or rat studies using MR imaging of fluorine and hydrogen. Our design offers optimized performance on both 19F and 1H coils using novel independent fine tuning at each frequency. These coils are available with apertures of either 27 mm or 42 mm. (Other sizes on request.) The following figure shows example results courtesy of CR-UK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology, University of Oxford.

These are 19F-MR images (from inhaled C6F14) superimposed on 1H images from our dual tuned 19F/1H, 27 mm aperture birdcage coil. The protocols is a 2D  MGEMS sequence with 1 mm slice thickness: coronal and transverse images, TE=4ms, TR= 400ms.