13C (left) and 23Na (right) images of the kidney. Images courtesy of Aarhus Universitet, Denmark.

Localised body coils providing targeted MR Imaging or spectroscopy in the chest and abdomen

  • Dual element 20 cm diameter coils placed above and below the body, designed to give optimal B1 and signal to noise ratio for applications in the region of interest.
  • Nuclei: 31P, 19F, 23Na, 13C, 3He, 7Li, 129Xe, 2H.
  • Designed to contour to different body shapes to maximise sensitivity.
  • Foam covering for optimal comfort.
  • Coils are 1H body coil compatible for 1H imaging.
  • 19F and 3He coils feature active detuning.

Example applications:

  • Natural abundance 23Na or hyperpolarised 13C imaging of the heart or kidney.
  • 129Xe or 3He for hyperpolarised studies of the lungs.
  • 19F coils used to study potential of various fluorinated agents in the intestine, lungs or liver.
  • Available for 3.0 T MR systems for all manufacturers:
    • Philips (Achieva, Ingenia), Siemens (Trio, Verio, Skyra, Prisma, Vida) and GE (HDx, MR750, Premier).
  • All of our RF coils can be provided with bespoke multinuclear phantoms. These provide:
    • Tissue equivalent body loading, reference sample containers, and are designed for use in QA, coil calibration and spectral optimisation.
  • Coil files are available for all the latest software releases.